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Attention Property Investors:

Are You Losing Money?

Fourteen Critical Issues That Your Accountant Should Tell You

Property Investment Accountant
Property Investing

6. You may claim as a tax deduction the expenses you incur in relation to your investment property inspections and/or when you visit your property to undertake repairs and maintenance.

7. Your investment property borrowing expenses such as the stamp duty on your loan, mortgage insurance, etc are deductible over a five year period.


8. You can use certain corporate structures that will protect your assets if you  get sued.

9. You now have access to a system that stops you from being overcharged Bank Interest by your bank, unlike the average Australian who is incorrectly overcharged over $200 per month.

10. You can now search online using a Property Search Tool like Google, which can help you locate investment properties that match your criteria.

11. Investment Property portfolios are likely to stagnate if your properties do not have the 3 critical elements. Do you know what they are?

12. If you buy an investment property off the plan in Victoria you can save thousands of dollars in stamp duty. Why?

13. If you own an investment property then your accountant can apply to the ATO requesting that your employer reduces the amount of tax that they are taking out of your pay packet.

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1. You can now buy investment properties where the Federal & State Government will provide you with up to $100,000 of Tax Free incentives*.


2. You can now buy residential investment properties in your self managed superannuation fund and sell them at 60 years of age Tax Free*

3. You can save tens of thousands of dollars if you obtain a Quantity Surveyors Report for your investment property.

4. If your mortgage has not been structured correctly by an investment property focused mortgage broker, then you could be losing thousands of dollars in bank interest.

5. If you sell your investment property within 12 months of purchasing, then you will not receive the 50% capital gains tax discount.

 14.  You Can Receive More Than $100,000 Tax Free From The Government With Your Next Investment Property Purchase*


If your accountant hasn't informed you about one or more of these critical items or you feel that it is time that you received professional tax and accounting advice from investment property accounting specialists then

Property Tax Return

Call Guy or Shaun right now at Australian Investment Property Tax Specialists on 02 9540 3866 and ask about their

Two For One Investment Property Tax Return Special Offer.



*Conditions Apply

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