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What Is The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS)?

NRAS is a rare investment opportunity that won't be around for long.

The Australian Government has combined with State and Territory Governments to offer incentives to investors and housing providers to build properties.

The Government incentives are based on providing the owners of the approved properties with more than $9,140 per annum in tax incentives each and every year for 10 years. The Government incentives are indexed annually to the rental component of the Consumer Price Index.

As an owner of an Approved NRAS Property you will receive rental income, potential capital growth and any taxation deductions associated with the owning of the property, plus the Government Tax Free incentives of more than $80,000 over a period of ten years.

Your Approved NRAS Property may be an investment house and land package or a completed apartment or townhouse not previously resided in.

A significant taxation benefit of an Approved NRAS Property is that the Government incentives are "tax" free, that is in the form of a refundable tax offset or non-assessable income.

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Benefits of Buying NRAS Properties

Improved Rental Yields

  • Whiledwellings are rented at a discount of up to 20% below market rent, the minimum annual National Rental Incentives of $10,660 (Indexed to the CPI) for each NRAS rental dwelling can convert a cash flow negative property to a cash flow positive property and therefore the right NRAS property can provide you with rental yields that are well above conventional residential investment properties. 

Reduced Risk Profile

  • With rents at 20% below market value you will have a large pool of eligible tenants and can be selective in your choice of tenant.


  • The Government Incentives are available for a ten year period so you know you will be creating an additional guaranteed income stream during this time.


  • NRAS Properties are likely to have high capital growth during the ten year period as the qualified NRAS properties are in areas of high rental demand.


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At NRAS Property Tax Specialists we make sure that you are getting all the tax deductions and tax offsets that you are entitled to. We are NRAS Property Tax Experts who will ensure that you maximise your tax refund, put more money in your pocket and help you grow your property portfolio so that your and your families' financial future is secure.


NRAS Property Tax Specialists can also help you find a qualified NRAS properties. There are a number of strict critera that a property has to pass before it becomes a qualified NRAS property. We ensure that you don't make mistakes and miss out on the fantastic tax free opportunities by helping you find a qualified NRAS property in Australian capital cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin as well as within other areas of New South Wales (NSW), Queensland (QLD), Victoria (VIC), Western Australia (WA), South Australia (SA), Northern Territory (NT) and Tasmania (TAS).



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Discover This Amazing Limited Opportunity That Won't Be Available For Much Longer

NRAS Property Tax Specialists Can Help You Find Qualified NRAS Properties, Ensure That You Receive Every TAX FREE Cent That You Are Entitled To, Maximise Your Tax Deductions So That You Obtain A Large Tax Refund & Help You Build Your Property Portfolio So That You & Your Family's Financial Future Is Secure.

NRAS Property Tax Specialists are investment property tax specialists who are at the forefront of the new Australian Tax Law developments relating to the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS).

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Why Is This A Limited Opportunity?

In the first four years, the Government's Tax Free incentives are limited to only 50,000 new dwellings throughout Australia. Once those properties are gone then there are no guarantees that this 10 year tax free incentive will ever be available again.

There is a huge shortage of NRAS properties and if you don't take action now to find out more then you may miss this opportunity.

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