Who Else Wants To Take Advantage Of Receiving $100,000 from the Australia Government Tax Free?

Over the past few years housing rents in Australia have increased considerably and it has become harder for the for “middle Australian” family on good incomes to acquire deposits or to afford the mortgage payments needed for home ownership. However, the Australian government has recently taken initiative steps to take control of the situation by introducing the National Rental Affordability Scheme("NRAS Scheme"). This unique opportunity provides amazing incentives for the tenant as well as the Australian Property Investor.

Under the NRAS Scheme, the Australian government is targeting large scale investment in the housing sector and aims to provide quality rental homes at reduced rents for a large number of Australian families who are unable to buy their own homes or to afford the full cost of market rents. In essence the Government is using indexed "Tax Credits" currently at $9,140 (Indexed to the CPI) per property per year to pay back investors who agree to accept rents at least 20% lower than normal market rents.

The NRAS Scheme brings together the government, the business sector and non-profit organizations to create a new investment class in housing with significant advantages that are not available in any other form of property investment.

As a Property Investor in the NRAS Scheme you will receive from Federal & State Government support worth $10,660 per year. A combination of Tax credits of $7,995 from the Federal Government and a $2,665 Tax Credit from State Governments, per house, paid annually and indexed to the CPI of rental costs. Plus you will granted these benefits for a period of ten years.

All NRAS properties are high quality homes, in desirable areas, designed to provide affordable housing for “middle Australia” families on good incomes but unable to acquire the deposits or to afford the mortgage payments needed for home ownership. A Family with three children can earn over $100,000 pa and still qualify for this program.









Due to the fact that there are only 50,000 properties available under the NRAS Scheme there is limited opportunity so if this concept appeals to you and you would like to take advantage of the amazing tax free incentives then contact NRAS Property Tax Specialists Now on

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