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At Sydney Accountants & Tax Agents we provide you with quality tax and accounting services.

You will have direct access to a Senior Accountant and/or CPA who will ensure that you pay less tax, make more money & grow your wealth portfolio.

Accountants Sydney


We are a family owned business with a 40 year track record of providing the best accounting and tax services to the greater Sydney area.


We specialize in Investment Property Taxation Advice, Superannuation Tax Advice, Business Structuring and Accounting, Wealth Creation and Tax Planning.

Sydney Accountants
Sydney Accountants And Tax Agents



Guy Pounder

Chief Accountant

Certified Practising Accountant and Registered Tax Agent
B.Comm (NSW). CPA

The chief accountant of Sydney Accountants & Tax Agents is Guy Pounder.


Guy Pounder is a Certified Practising Accountant with more than 40 years experience and he has been providing accounting and taxation services for thousands of clients throughout Australia.


His areas of specialty include Investment Property Taxation Advice, Superannuation Advice, Business Structuring and Accounting, Wealth Creation and Tax Planning.

During the last forty years he has helped his clients save thousands of dollars in tax each and every year and he looks forward to helping you.

Guy Pounder




Shaun Pounder

Senior Accountant & Solicitor

LLB, Diploma of Legal Practice,

Registered Tax Agent

Diploma of Financial Services, Cert IV Mortgage Broking



Shaun Pounder is one of the Senior Accountants at Sydney Accountants & Tax Agents.


Before moving into the area of Accounting & Taxation, Shaun Pounder worked as a Solicitor in Sydney, London & Europe.


Since joining as a partner of Sydney Accountants & Tax Agents he has helped develop Sydney Accountants & Tax Agents  into one of Sydney's leading tax and accounting practices.


Shaun is one of Australia's best investment property tax agents and works hard with his clients to help use the tax system to grow their investment property portfolio.


His areas of Speciality include Tax Law, Legal Structuring, Investment Property Taxation Advice and General Accounting.

Shaun Pounder
Sydney Accountants & Tax Agents Main Office Level 10, 20 Martin Place, SYDNEY, NSW, 2000, Tel: (02) 9540 3866, Mob: 0404 043 866 - Sydney Accountants & Tax Agents
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